void scrapeableFile.setForceNonBinary ( boolean forceNonBinary )


Set whether or not the contents of this response should be forced to be treated as non-binary. Default forceNonBinary value is false.


  • forceNonBinary Whether or not the scrapeable file should be forced to be non-binary.

Return Values

Returns void.

Change Log

Version Description
5.0 Added for all editions.

This is provided in the case where screen-scraper misidentifies a non-binary file as a binary file. It doesn't happen often but is possible.


Check Binary Status of File

 // Force file to be recognized as non-binary
 scrapeableFile.setForceNonBinary( true );

See Also

  • getForceNonBinary() [scrapeableFile] - Returns whether or not this scrapeable file response will be forced to be treated as non-binary