void scrapeableFile.removeHTTPHeader ( String key ) (enterprise edition only)
void scrapeableFile.removeHTTPHeader ( String key, String value ) (enterprise edition only)


Remove an HTTP header from a scrapeable file.


  • key The name of the HTTP header to be removed, as a string.
  • value (optional) The value of the HTTP header that is to be removed, as a string. If this is left off then all headers of the specified key will be removed.

Return Values

Returns void.

Change Log

Version Description
5.0.5a Introduced for enterprise edition.


Remove All Values of a Header

// delete all cookie headers for this scrapeableFile
// this can be done on a global scale
//    using session.clearCookies
scrapeableFile.removeHTTPHeader( "User-Agent" );

See Also

  • addHTTPHeader() [scrapeableFile] - Adds an HTTP Header to the scrapeable file