Utilities API


There are many classes that can be very helpful in getting your scripts to run correctly. Many of these are initially developed in-house to speed up coding time and once they have proved very stable offered to the public. For all classes you will need to import their packages. They are not automatically imported like the built-in screen-scraper objects.


  • CsvWriter (com.screenscraper.csv): For recording data into a CSV file (helpful for Excel).
  • DataManagerFactory (com.screenscraper.datamanager): Facilitates the creation of an SqlDataManager.
  • ProxyServerPool (com.screenscraper.util): For setting up anonymization using your own proxies.
  • RetryPolicy and RetryPolicyFactory (com.screenscraper.util.retry): Objects that tell a scrapeable file how to check for errors, and optionally what to do before retrying to download them. .
  • SqlDataManager (com.screenscraper.datamanager): Facilitates writing of data into a SQL database.
  • XmlWriter (com.screenscraper.xml): Oftentimes you want to write extracted data directly to an XML file. This class facilitates doing that.