void scrapeableFile.saveFileBeforeTidying ( String filePath ) (professional and enterprise editions only)


Write non-tidied contents of the scrapeable file response to a text file.


  • filePath File path, as a string, where the file should be saved.

Return Values

Returns void.

Change Log

Version Description
4.5 Available for professional and enterprise editions.

This method must be called before the file is scraped.

Because the response header are also saved in the file, if the file is anything except a text file it will not be valid (e.g. images, pdfs).


Save Untidied Request and Response

 // In script called "Before file is scraped"

 // Causes the non-tidied HTML from the scrapeable file
 // to be output to the file path.

 scrapeableFile.saveFileBeforeTidying( "C:/non-tidied.html" );