DataRecord scrapeableFile.getASPXValues ( boolean onlyStandard ) (professional and enterprise editions only)


Gets the ASPX .NET values from the string. The standard values are __VIEWSTATE, __EVENTTARGET, __EVENTVALIDATION, and __EVENTARGUMENT. Values will be stored in the returned DataRecord as ASPX_VIEWSTATE, ASPX_EVENTTARGET, etc...


  • onlyStandard Sets whether or not to only get the four standard tags, or look for any tags that begin with __

Return Values

A DataRecord object with each ASPX name as ASPX_[NAME] mapped to it's value. Note that when onlyStandard is false, any parameter that starts with the name __ will be returned in this DataRecord

Change Log

Version Description
5.5.26a Available in all editions.


Get the .NET values for a page

 DataRecord aspx = scrapeableFile.getASPXValues(true);