boolean scrapeableFile.getRetainNonTidiedHTML ( ) (enterprise edition only)


Determine if the scrapeable file is set to retain non-tidied html.


This method does not receive any parameters.

Return Values

Returns boolean flag for non-tidied contents being retained.

Change Log

Version Description
4.5 Available for enterprise edition.


Write Untidied HTML to Log if Retained

 // Outputs the non-tidied HTML from the scrapeable file
 // to the log if it was retained otherwise just a message.

 if (scrapeableFile.getRetainNonTidiedHTML())
     session.log( "Non-tidied HTML: " + scrapeableFile.getNonTidiedHTML() );
     session.log( "The non-tidied HTML was not retained or the file has not yet been scraped." );

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