Web Interface

The web interface is only available for enterprise edition users of screen-scraper.


The screen-scraper web interface allows you to administer aspects of the scraping process. This includes monitoring running scraping sessions, importing and exporting scraping sessions, and scheduling scraping sessions to be run on a periodic basis.

When screen-scraper is running in server mode, you can access the web interface on your local machine at the following URL: http://localhost:8779/.

If you've changed the Web/SOAP Server port in the workbench or the SOAPPort in the screen-scraper.properties file, you'll need to use the port you designated.

Depending on the operating system you're running, instead of localhost, you may need to use or the IP address of the machine.

Managing Scraping Sessions


  • Click the Import button in the upper-left corner of the browser. It will open a dialog which prompts you to navigate to the scraping session you want to import.

    If a scraping session or script with the same name already exists in this instance of screen-scraper then script overwriting properties will determine which one is discarded. If a script cannot be overwritten then a warning message will inform you of that the script that was trying to import was discarded.

  • Add the scraping session to the import folder in screen-scraper's install directory

    If screen-scraper is running when you copy the files into the import folder they will be imported and hot-swapped in the next time a scraping session is invoked. They will also be imported if you start or stop screen-scraper.


  • Click the Export button in the Runnable tab that corresponds to the scraping session.