Scrapeable Files


A scrapeable file is a URL-accessible file that you want to have retrieved as part of a scraping session. These files are the core of screen-scraping as they determine what files will be available to extract data from.

In addition to working with files on remote servers, screen-scraper can also handle files on local file systems. For example, the following is a valid path to designate in the URL field: C:\wwwroot\myweb\my_file.htm.

Managing Scrapeable Files


  • Click the Add Scrapeable File button on the general tab of the desired scraping session.
  • Right click on the desired scraping session in the objects tree and select Add Scrapeable File.


  • Press the Delete key when it is selected in the objects tree
  • Right-click on the desired scrapeable file and select Delete.
  • Click the Delete button in the properties tab of the scrapeable file.