Extractor Tokens


Extractor tokens select the information from a file that you want to be able to access. The purpose of an extractor pattern is to give context to the extractor token(s) that it contains. This is to assist in getting the tokens to only return the information that you desire to have. Without extractor tokens you will not gather any information from the site.

Extractor tokens become available to dataRecord, dataSet, and session objects depending on their settings and the scope of the scripts invoked. All extractor tokens are surrounded by the delimiters [email protected] and @~ (one for each side of the token). Between the two delimiters is where the name/identifier of the token is specified.

Managing Extractor Tokens


  • Type [email protected][email protected]~ in the appropriate location in the Pattern text of the extractor or sub-extractor pattern.

    Make appropriate changes to the TOKEN_NAME text to reflect the desired name of the token.

  • Select a portion of the extractor pattern, right click, and select Generate extractor pattern token from selected text


  • Remove the token and delimiters from the Pattern text of the extractor pattern like you would with any text editor


  • Double-click on the desired extractor token's name
  • Select the extractor token's name, right click, and choose Edit token