Regular Expressions Editor


The regular expressions that you can select for extractor tokens are stored in screen-scraper and can be edited in the Regular Expressions Editor window. The window is accessed by selecting Edit Regular Expressions from the Options menu.

This can be helpful if you have a regular expression that you use regularly. You can also edit the provided regular expressions though we encourage you not to do so without good reason. These regular expressions have been tested over time and updated when required; they are very stable expressions.

  • Add Regular Expression: Adds a new regular expression to the list.
  • (list of regular expressions)
    • Identifier: Name for the pattern. This is what will be selected when adding a regular expression to the extractor token.
    • Expression: The regular expression.
    • Description: A brief description of the regular expression. This is primarily to help you remember when you come back to it later.

Listed regular expressions can be edited by double clicking in the field that you would like to edit.