void setAutomaticProxyCycling ( boolean cycleProxies )(professional and enterprise editions only)


Enables or disables automatic proxy cycling. When this is set to false (default is true) the current proxy that was automatically selected from the pool will be used each time the next proxy is requested. When set to true, each call to the getNextProxy method will cycle as normal between all available proxies.


A boolean value.

Return Value


Change Log

Version Description
5.5.17a Available in Professional and Enterprise editions.


// Assuming a ProxyServerPool object was created previously, and
// stored in the PROXY_SERVER_POOL session variable.
pool = session.getv( "PROXY_SERVER_POOL" );

// This will cause the current proxy server to be reused until the
// value is set back to true.
pool.setAutomaticProxyCycling( false );

// The corresponding getter will indicate what the current value is.
session.log( "Automatically cycling proxies: " + pool.getAutomaticProxyCycling() );