int proxyServerPool.getNumProxyServers ( int numProxyServers )


Retrieve the number of available proxy servers.


This method does not receive any parameters.

Return Values

Returns the number of available proxy servers, as an integer.

Change Log

Version Description
4.5 Available for all editions.


Write Good Proxies to File

 import com.screenscraper.util.*;

 // Create a new ProxyServerPool object.
 proxyServerPool = new ProxyServerPool();

 // Must be set on the session before other calls are made

 // This tells the pool to populate itself from a file
 proxyServerPool.populateFromFile( "proxies.txt" );

 // Validate proxies up to 25 proxies at a time.
 proxyServerPool.setNumProxiesToValidateConcurrently( 25 );

 // Set timout interval
 proxyServerPool.filter( 7 );
 // Check number of available proxies
 if (proxyServerPool.getNumProxyServers() < 4) {
    // Repopulate available proxies
    proxyServerPool.setRepopulateThreshold( 5 );