void sutil.writeValueToFile ( Object value, String file, String charSet )


Write to a file.


  • value The string to be written.
  • file File path where the value should be created/written, as a string. If the file already exists it will be overwritten.
  • charSet Character set of the file, as a string. Java provides a list of supported character sets in its documentation.

Return Values

Returns void.

Change Log

Version Description
5.0 Added for all editions.


Write To File

 // Writes "abc",123 to file myfile.csv using character set UTF-8
 sutil.writeValueToFile( "\"abc\",123", "myfile.csv", "UTF-8" );

Write To File Using Default Character Set

 // Writes "abc",123 to file myfile.csv
 // using screen-scraper's character set

 sutil.writeValueToFile("\"abc\",123","myfile.csv", null);