String sutil.formatUSPhoneNumber ( String number ) (professional and enterprise editions only)


Converts a String to a US formatted phone number, as +1 (123) 456-7890x2. Expects a 7 digit or 10+ digit phone number. The extension is optional, and will be any digits found after an x. This allows for extensions listed as ext, x, or extension.


  • number String containing the phone number. The only digits in this String should be the digits of the phone number.

Return Values

Returns a String formatted as a phone number, such as +1 (123) 456-7890x2, or null if the input was null

Change Log

Version Description
5.5.26a Available in all editions.


Format a scraped phone number

 // Formats the phone number extracted
 String phone = sutil.formatUSPhoneNumber(dataRecord.get("PHONE_NUMBER"));
 // If the extracted value had been "13334445678 ext. 23" the returned value "+1 (333) 444-5678x23"