void session.setSessionVariables ( Map variables) (professional and enterprise editions only)(professional and enterprise editions only)
void session.setSessionVariables ( Map variables, boolean ignoreLowerCaseKeys)(professional and enterprise editions only)


Sets the value of all session variables that match the keys in the Map to the values in the Map. This will ignore a key of DATARECORD.


  • Map The map to use when setting the session variables.
  • ignoreLowerCase True if keys with lowercase characters should be ignored. This would include A_KEy

Return Value

This method returns void.

Change Log

Version Description
5.5.29a Available in all editions.
5.5.43a Changed from session.setSessionVariablesFromMap to session.setSessionVariables.


Set the ASPX values for a .NET site before scraping the next page

 DataRecord aspx = scrapeableFile.getASPXValues();
 session.scrapeFile("Next Results");