void session.setDefaultRetryPolicy ( RetryPolicy retryPolicy ) (professional and enterprise editions only)


Sets a retry policy that will affect all files in the scrape. This policy will be used by all scrapeable files that do not have a retry policy set for them. If a retry policy was manually set for them, this one will not be used.


  • retryPolicy The retry policy to use by default, if no other retry policy is set.

Return Value

This method returns void.

Change Log

Version Description
5.5.29a Available in professional and enterprise editions.


Create a defaul RetryPolicy

 import com.screenscraper.util.retry.RetryPolicyFactory;

 // Use a retry policy that will rotate the proxy if there was an error on request
 session.setDefaultRetryPolicy(RetryPolicyFactory.getBasicPolicy(5, "Get new proxy"));