Broxtowe Council - Requesting data from server

I am capturing Broxtowe council - weekly list

I have captured the page but when I click on Display response in Browser then it shows me webpage saying -
Requesting data from server...

Also For result page I am getting the result like below format in different format
{"SearchResults":[{"ApplicationSiteAddress":"Land Adjacent To 26 Windsor Street\r\nBeeston\r\nNottinghamshire\r\nNG9 2BW\r\n","PlanningReference":"17/00040/FUL","ReceivedWeekEnding":"24/03/2017","Applicant":"Ms Estelle Makin","Proposal":"Subdivide house to provide two dwellings","StatusCode":"Pending Consideration","AppealInfo":null},{"ApplicationSiteAddress":"1 Vernon Avenue\r\nBeeston\r\nNottingham\r\nNG9 2NS","PlanningReference":"17/00042/FUL","ReceivedWeekEnding":"24/03/2017","Applicant":"Mr G Atwal","Proposal":"Retain single storey rear extension","StatusCode":"Pending Consideration","AppealInfo":null},{"ApplicationSiteAddress":"85 Beech Avenue\r\nBeeston\r\nNottinghamshire\r\nNG9 1QD\r\n","PlanningReference":"17/00120/FUL","ReceivedWeekEnding":"24/03/2017","Applicant":"Mr J Wing","Proposal":"Construct side and rear single storey extension","StatusCode":"Pending Consideration","AppealInfo":null},{"ApplicationSiteAddress":"35 Hobsic Close\r\nBrinsley\r\nNottinghamshire\r\nNG16 5AX\r\n","PlanningReference":"17/00144/OUT","ReceivedWeekEnding":"24/03/2017","Applicant":"Mr & Mrs Deb Leatherland","Proposal":"Outline application to construct one dwelling with all matters reserved","StatusCode":"Pending Consideration","AppealInfo":null},{"ApplicationSiteAddress":"2 Stocks Road\r\nKimberley\r\nNottinghamshire\r\nNG16 2QF\r\n","PlanningReference":"17/00153/FUL","ReceivedWeekEnding":"24/03/2017","Applicant":"Mr & Mrs Renolds","Proposal":"Construct single storey side extension","StatusCode":"Pending Consideration","AppealInfo":null},{"ApplicationSiteAddress":"21 Henry Road\r\nBeeston\r\nNottinghamshire\r\nNG9 2BE\r\n","PlanningReference":"17/00158/PNH","ReceivedWeekEnding":"24/03/2017","Applicant":"Mrs J Andrews","Proposal":"Construct single storey rear extension, extending beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling by 4.25 metres, with a maximum height of 3.10 metres, and an eaves height of 3.10 metres","StatusCode":"Pending Consideration","AppealInfo":null},

Can you please help me with capturing week dates

What you're seeing here is

What you're seeing here is JSON data. Have you read this post?

Yes, I have created the

Yes, I have created the pattern for Json data
I have captured but when I click on last display response it shows me

Requesting data from server...

for this page also showing me same error
passing two parameters
week ~#APPDATE#~ 1 GET
resultsPerPage 50 2 GET

#~APPDATE#~ is my date which I have selected in weekly option
Please help me with this

It sounds like you're looking

It sounds like you're looking at the wrong last response, and it is running JavaScript to request the JSON data. In this case, it cannot because the browser doesn't have the same session.

If you want me to dig into the page, I'll have you email me to discuss development fees.