Barrow council

Barrow council -
capturing 500 applications.
Able to get the first page records but not able to collect next page records.
I have passed the parameters in next page


parameter is - page$2
but it is converting $ into some value, showing as page value in last request - EVENTARGUMENT=Page%243

how to decode $value.

The "%24" is an encoded

The "%24" is an encoded dollar sign, and if the parameter really has a dollar sign there, it should work. Often on .NET pages, the form will have a $, but the parameter on the subsequent page has the value with the dollar signs changed to an underscore.

parameter is page$2 and I am

parameter is page$2 and I am replacing 2 with ~#NEXT_PAGE#~
so my value for __EVENTARGUMENT- page$~#NEXT_PAGE#~
please let me know how to decode this value.
in java script I have seen function escape and unescape but not sure how to apply in screen scrapper

I just attached a sample

I just attached a sample session to this post, and the pagination is working.