void sqlDataManager.commitAll ( ) (professional and enterprise editions only)


Commit prepared rows of data for all tables into queue. Once called the data can no longer be edited.


This method does not receive any parameters.

Return Values

Returns void.

Change Log

Version Description
5.0 Available for professional and enterprise editions.


Commit Database Row

 // Get datamanager
 dm = session.getv( "DATAMANAGER" );

 // Add session variables into tables
 dm.addSessionVariables( "person" );
 dm.addSessionVariables( "address" );
 dm.addSessionVariables( "jobs" );

 // Create and add queries to buffer

See Also

  • flush() [SqlDataManager] - Writes committed rows to the database
  • commit() [SqlDataManager] - Commits a prepared row of data to the queue to be updated in the database