This method is no longer supported. Use a java.sql.BasicDataSource or com.screenscraper.datamanager.SshDataSource instead. See the SqlDataManager.buildSchemas page for examples.

SqlDataManager dataManagerFactory.getMySqlDataManager ( ScrapingSession session, String host, String database, String username, String password, String parameters ) (professional and enterprise editions only)


Create a MySQL data manager object.


  • session The scraping session that the data manager should be attached to.
  • host The database host (URL and maybe Port), as a string.
  • database The name of the database, as a string.
  • username Username that is being used to access the database, as a string.
  • password The username's associated password, as a string.
  • parameters URL encoded query string, as a string.

Return Values

Returns a SqlDataManager object. If an error is experienced it will be thrown.

Change Log

Version Description
5.0 Available for professional and enterprise editions.

In order to create the MySQL data manager you will need to make sure to install the appropriate jdbc driver. This can be done by downloading the MySQL JDBC driver and placing it in the lib/ext folder in the screen-scraper installation directory.


Create MySQL Data Manager

 // Import classes
 import com.screenscraper.datamanager.*;
 import org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource;

 // Set Variables
 host = "";
 database = "mydb";
 username = "user";
 password = "pwrd";
 parameters = null;

 // Get MySQL datamanager
 dm = DataManagerFactory.getMySqlDataManager( session, host, database, username, password, parameters);