Routing all traffic via PAC file/proxy headers (Proxymesh)

Hi Jason, I am using proxy mesh for IP address rotation. The problem is I have a total of 5 server and can only connect to one at a time and each server does not rotate ip addresses fast enough for my requests.

I've setup the PAC file from Proxy-mesh for IE but it seems that setup is for browsing only.

How can I set-up the pac file for screen-scraper?

Also, How can I modify the headers sent to proxy-mesh to make use of the proxy-mesh API? For example the "X-ProxyMesh-Country: US" header can be used within Proxymesh to restrict ip addresses to the US.

We don't support a PAC file.

We don't support a PAC file. This is the first time I've had a request for it.

It is easy to add a header: