Disappearing Last Request and Last Response

In both the Basic and Professional (30 day trail) editions of ScreenScraper 7.0, I'm having trouble with scrapable files in my scraping sessions. After a time - and I've not figured out exactly when - the Last Request and Last Response tabs become blank; empty. This is after using the last response to create extractor patterns.

This has happened many times, and has lead to many hours of rework. I save my work frequently, and back it up periodically. At this point I'm afraid to even shut ScreenScraper down, for fear of losing my work again.

Any idea as to why this is happening? And/or how to prevent it?


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Above is what I posted yesterday. Today it's even worse than I thought...

I've been working with screen scraper for many hours, scraping/coding/scraping/coding... etc. All the while I've never shut it down. But I DID back it up the database often. And I saved the database often. And today then ScreenScraper crashed. I know what code crashed it, but that's not the big problem. The small problem is - ONCE AGAIN - all my Last Request and Last Response data is empty. The extractor patterns are too many, and too complex to easily contemplate once again having to re-create them. Luckily I've been making backups.

But guess what? The big problem is that on every single backup, I've found that the Last Request and Last Response data is empty!

This is a major bug - that unless fixed - renders this product pretty much worthless.

I haven't seen this, and I'm

I haven't seen this, and I'm constantly working on something and getting pulled away. If you close screen-scraper all those things are cleared, otherwise the results from the last run should show.

Jason - Are you saying that

Jason - Are you saying that it's understood that they go away when ScreenScraper closes? That you can't save them? Well they have been disappearing on me. But let's assume that I'm not remembering correctly, and that the only time I lose them is when I shut ScreenScraper down. We'll assume my memory is a fault with that.

If so, then I come to what I thought was an enormous problem, but actually not - due to my misunderstanding of your product...

My biggest difficulty has been in creating effective extractor patterns. So often I'd take a break, and come back to find my Requests and Responses gone. So when I modified previously created extractor patterns, I could not test them because I'd get a big empty window telling me my test set was empty. So I'd start re-creating my extractor patterns all over again. Lots of work.

What I did not realize, until I saw your post - THANK YOU - was that you expect them to be cleared out when closing. Which implies that you can get them back. So I tried running a scraping session again, and WALA! The Last Request and Response was repopulated! Meaning I was now free, once more, to modify my extractor patterns.

So while I do believe the Last Requests and Responses are disappearing sometimes, without closing ScreenScraper, I now understand it's not the big deal I thought. Just run another scraping session, because they still work.

So this post has been due to my lack of understanding of how the product worked. Please accept my apologies. And please feel free to delete the thread. I would not want people to think there was a problem, when there is not.

Thank you.

Since you said that, But I just discovered that it appears that

If the last request/response

If the last request/response are clearing out when you're not closing screen-scraper, I would need some more info. I asked my team here if they've seen that behavior, and we haven't. Are you on version 7.0?