linux command line scrape not finding scraping session

I have installed screen scraper enterprise on a Centos os linux server. I can't get screen scraper to recognize the scraping session. The scraping session was developed on a Mac and exported with the same name as the one I am trying to use in the command line on linux. The sss session is in the installation directory of screen scraper. I have tried using it with and without the -w command with no luck. I have examined the xml for the "name" element and it matches the file name. Where is the screen scraper looking for the sss file? I would be happy to put it there. On the Mac, it appears to be looking at the Desktop folder. Any help would be appreciated.

Name of sss file: glassdoorjobs.sss
Name in the sss file: glassdoorjobs
Command line: sudo java -jar "screen-scraper.jar" -s "glassdoorjobs" --params "ADEControlRecordFile=ADECR0000001"
The error is:
Initializing screen-scraper...
Sorry, I couldn't find a script or scraping session with the name "glassdoorjobs". Please check the name and try again.

Can run via Web Interface

Was able to schedule and run the glassdoorjobs scrape on the Centos OS linux server using the web interface. Perhaps a bug exists when trying to locate the file using the command line.

I use many Cent OS servers,

I use many Cent OS servers, so I was able to test this, and for me it worked okay. Your error says it's starting screen-scraper okay. The scrape name is case sensitive, so if my scrape is "Tester", then:

  • java -jar "screen-scraper.jar" -s "Tester" -p "param=test" works
  • java -jar "screen-scraper.jar" -s "tester" -p "param=test" gets me the same error you saw