Selecting a proxy session causes the UI to freeze

If I select a proxy session the Pro interface will freeze. I'm on the latest beta, but it also happened with the latest released version. It would also happen with SS Version 6.0.

It doesn't happen with all proxy sessions and I can't figure out what the cause is. I have been able to determine that I can create a proxy, open a few pages in FireFox, then close and open again. After I open again it could freeze when selected. This only happens after a close and open. When selecting something else, then going back to the same proxy before the close it would not freeze.

Is there a cache I can clear for any/all proxy sessions without running a new installation? I should also add that I have tried a completely new installation and over time the issue pops up again.

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Java Vendor: Oracle Corporation
Java Version: 1.8.0_66
OS Architecture: amd64
OS Name: Windows 8
OS Version: 6.2
Scrape HTTP Client: AsyncScrapingHttpClient2
SS Connection Timeout: 180 seconds
SS Edition: Professional
SS Extractor Timeout: 30000 milliseconds
SS Max Concurrent Scraping Sessions: 5
SS Maximum Memory: 1024 MB
SS Run Mode: Workbench
SS Version: 7.0.8a
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I don't have a way to clear

I don't have a way to clear proxy sessions. I like to keep an empty database around to clear out everything, but that's not useful for everyone.

I asked my guys about it, and there is one possibility if it's not really locked--but it may take a really long time. If there is a really long response in the proxy, the text wrap could be making it worse. If you can select the transaction > response > under the header there is a box to "wrap text", and if that is checked uncheck it.

Aside from that, I'll have a guy here look into it.