PKIX path building failed

I've gone through the forum posts regarding this same issue but there seems to be no general solution that works for everyone. So I'm posting mine here again in case someone can help:

Starting scraper.
Running scraping session: Metrobank CIB
Processing scripts before scraping session begins.
Processing script: "Metrobank CIB Initialize"
=================== Log Variables with Message ===============
screen-scraper Instance Information
=================== Static Values ================
Java Vendor: Oracle Corporation
Java Version: 1.8.0_66
OS Architecture: amd64
OS Name: Windows 10
OS Version: 10.0
Scrape HTTP Client: ApacheScrapingHttpClient
SS Connection Timeout: 180 seconds
SS Edition: Professional
SS Extractor Timeout: 30000 milliseconds
SS Max Concurrent Scraping Sessions: 5
SS Maximum Memory: 256 MB
SS Run Mode: Workbench
SS Version: 7.0
======== Message logged at: 03/06/2017 22:15:16.989 SGT ========
Scraping file: "Authentic2"
Authentic2: POST data: txtUserId=RSCHIANGA2&txtPwd=&txtKey=&txtPwdH=&optLanguage=0&txtIsTaxDirect=&txtPayIns=&BlurbID=
Authentic2: Requesting URL:
Authentic2: An input/output error occurred while connecting to ''. The message was PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target.

The root cause on this is

The root cause on this is either a certificate that is not properly signed by a certificate authority or there is a certificate trust chain that the HTTP client we use cannot handle.

The fix for this is to use an alternet HTTP client. If you update to 7.0.6a, the ASYNC client should work. You can set it on the session > advanced tab