New https issue


I have read the posts on the blog about the known issues, made all the recommended changes before and everything was working - I have a problem with one site that returns null, (see below). Any thoughts It had been working for ages before.?

Starting scraper.
Running scraping session: HRN
Processing scripts before scraping session begins.
Scraping file: "HRN Test"
HRN Test: Requesting URL:
HRN Test: An input/output error occurred while connecting to ''. The message was null.
Processing scripts after scraping session has ended.
Processing scripts always to be run at the end.
Scraping session "HRN" finished.



That URL works for me. I'm on

That URL works for me. I'm on screen-scraper enterprise v 7.0.5a, and I have the Async client.

Could you add a script at the beginning of the scrape, with the method:


Then we can see how your settings differ and sort it out.