screen-scraper Quick Start Guide
Learn how to use screen-scraper in under 3 minutes.


In order to use screen-scraper we recommend that you have at least some programming experience with any language. You'll benefit from a basic understanding of web technologies such as HTML, Javascript and HTTP but you will also learn as you go along. You can expect about 30 minutes for each tutorial.

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First, download and install any one of the three editions of screen-scraper.

The Basics

Tutorial 1: Hello World Basics of using screen-scraper.

Tutorial 2: Scraping a Shopping Site Scraping search results that span multiple pages, using extractor patterns, and logging in to a web site.

Tutorial 3: Extending Hello World The third tutorial builds off of the first, and covers interacting with screen-scraper from languages such as Active Server Pages, PHP, and Java as well as richer internal scripting.

Task Specific

The rest of the tutorials build off of Tutorial 2, and can be done in any order.

Tutorial 4: Scraping a Shopping Site from External Programs Invoking screen-scraper from Java, Active Server Pages, PHP, and .NET.

Tutorial 5: Saving Scraped Data to a Database

Tutorial 6: Generating an RSS/Atom Feed from a Product Search Creating an XML feed.

Tutorial 7: Scraping a Site Multiple Times Based on Search Terms

If you'd like to print the tutorials for easier reading, you can use the "Printer-friendly version" link at the bottom of any page, or click here to get such a version for all of the tutorials.