Scraping a Site Multiple Times Based on Search Terms


It's often the case in screen-scraping that you want to submit a form multiple times using different parameters each time. For example, you may be extracting locations from the store locator service on a site, and need to submit the form for a series of zip codes. In this tutorial we'll provide an example on how to go about that. We will continue from where the second tutorial left off.

If you haven't already gone through Tutorial 2, we would encourage you to do so now. If you don't still have the scraping session you created in Tutorial 2, you can download it and import it into screen-scraper.

Tutorial Requirements

This tutorial doesn't require anything beyond an instance of screen-scraper. You can go through it with any of the editions.

Finished Project

If you'd like to see the final version of the scraping session you'll be creating in this tutorial you can download it below.

Attachment Size
Shopping Site (Scraping Session).sss 13.06 KB