Can't get past the Javascript

Trying to scrape these pages, but just come up against a JS script that I can't get past?

It is not calling another file with json data, it is an old site That uses this script for a navbar and rollover functions or something odd?

The page works fine when I take it from the proxy. I am sure there is something simple that I have missed?

I just need to get past it to access the html.

I assume it is a cookie thing - never really had to work with them before.

Thanks for your help in advance

That is a JavaScript thing

That is a JavaScript thing with the explicit purpose of stopping bots.

Sometimes I can work with them by using something like Selenium or Playwright to go to request the site, get the cookies, and set them, but

  1. it can be a lot of work and,
  2. doesn't always work.

Thanks for your help

I will not bother with this one.