Never seen a site like this one before...

EDIT: Apologies - ignore the question below - found the api URL using Chrome tools!

Hi - I have done hundreds of these scrapes now and can usually drill down and find where the data is hiding - but I have come across a site that won't release its secrets to me even with a proxy....

I assume there is a data layer hiding somewhere but I have no idea where?

Any pointers would be gratefully received.

Here is a list of them:

Here is the page I am interested in:

Many thanks


Different Site, Same Issue

I am trying to scrape but when I inspect the site in Chrome I can find the URL that provides the data for the search results, but cannot seem to get it to run on SS.

I keep getting 500 server errors.
This is the URL and it has 3 parameters: filters, page & node ID (although there appears to be two records in the filter parameter (auctionId and masterCategoryId)

I am hoping there is a straightforward solution to this problem as it looks (relatively) straightforward thereafter?

Thanks for any help you can let me have in advance.


When you proxy the site,

When you proxy the site, there is a page like and the response is all JSON data. (Jason explaining JSON to Jason. LOL.)

Look at this thread:

There is a sample scrape on there you can download too.