Unstable Alpha 7.0.9a Erasing Extractor Patterns

Unstable Alpha 7.0.9a is erasing extractor patterns from all scrapeable pages from time to time.
We haven't been able to duplicate the bug with consistency, but it happens frequently enough that we are now exporting scrapes before we save them.
Can't tell if the problem happens during save or after exiting the program.

We've had a couple instances

We've had a couple instances of this, but haven't tracked down the source yet. If you

  1. Stop screen-scraper
  2. Edit the screen-scraper.properties, and change the version to 7.0.8a, then save and close
  3. Restart screen-scraper, and it will prompt you to update again. Go ahead and do it.

So in most cases, the scrapes come back with the extractors. We have had a case where he needed to import the scrapes again to get them back.