Which modern-day browser works best with Workbench's Proxy Server

Running a proxy server on the workbench and using a browser like Chrome to see the pages being retrieved do not work well with https sites. The browser will give the usual warning about SSL certificates (since the workbench is acting as a proxy), but if you select the option to ignore it and proceed, Chrome returns an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR message.

How do I use workbench to scrape sites using a browser?

I like to use FireFox with an

I like to use FireFox with an addon called Skip-Cert and another called Foxy Proxy (so I don't need to set the proxy at the OS level), that allows you to get a lot of sites despite the proxy. It still doesn't work with all sites though. I keep an old version of Opera 10 that works on a lot.

Proxy setting update

Hi Jason,

Any updates on how we may get the SS proxy to render https-sites? I tried following your suggestions here, but it seems like the suggested plugins for Firefox does not exist anymore?


No real changes. The way were

No real changes. The way were had done it just won't work. Most of the time now, I will use the modern Firefox, and use the developer tools > network to record the page requests. In screen-scraper, use the "create scrapable file from URL" and copy the URL from the developer console into the URL, and then go to the parameters tab and copy the "raw" parameters section, and paste it to the scrapable file parameters box, and it will create a new file with the parameters all split up for you (like the old proxy.) This has worked so well we haven't pursued changes to the app.

Just wanted to check if you

Just wanted to check if you still use the same setup up to now. The oldest Opera version I can find is 11.0 and it doesn't seem to work well with SSL and Workbench Proxy anymore.