Invoking pattern after each pattern match of another pattern

My question is exactly the same as posted here:

I'm trying to use the first method by processing a script "after each pattern match" of a level 1 session variable.(OPTION 1)
by using a script that contains the following:

levelOneString = dataRecord.get( "OPTION1" );
scrapeableFile.extractData( levelOneString, "Text Variants" );

This script is indeed processed "after each pattern match" of "OPTION1" however the extractor pattern "Text Variants" fails to find any pattern matches of the session variable "OPTION2"

Details: Extracting data for pattern "Text Variants"
Details: The pattern did not find any matches.

This is unexpected because while testing the pattern "Text Variants" it will find 5 data records in the set. (Using [^<>]* Regex)

What I would do is: Add a

What I would do is:

  1. Add a line in the script
  2. Run the scrape, and copy that whole line from the log
  3. On the "Text Variants" extractor pattern, go to the advanced tab, and under the check "this pattern will be invoked from a script" there is a pulldown. That defines only what the test buttons will run on, and won't affect the running of the scrape. Select only the following, and paste the value from before into the box
  4. Now click test extractor pattern on "Text Variants"

This will inform as to if what you seek is actually in levelOneString.