Upgrade enterprise SS from 5.5 to 7.0, export/import of sessions works first time but gone after restart

It looks like all the scraping sessions disappear when I copy the resource/db back after 7.0 installation.

I would guess this is due to incompatibility.

Is there any trick I can use without having to rebuild them all?

When export/import and then ignore the updates for scripts, it shows up initially but restarting the scraper and then its gone again.

Any ideas?

I've never tried that upgrade

I've never tried that upgrade path, but if it the sessions import I am surprised they vanish.

Did you install version 7 to a new directory? If you create a new session in there, then restart does it stay around?

yes... new session dissappears as well

I created a new session and run it. closed and restarted... poof its gone...
I cleaned the logs and when I restart, I do see one error appear after 30 seconds without trying anything.

Column not found : use_only_sslv3

That sounds like you

That sounds like you installed screen-scraper 7 into a directory that was already populated. If you were to reinstall screen-scraper 7 into a new directory, it should work fine.