"Received fatal alert: handshake_failure" on fairly basic SSL site

We're trying to build a pretty basic scrape for the following website:


But every time we try and scrape that page, it gives the following error:

Main Page: An input/output error occurred while connecting to 'https://www.vanlanschot.nl/kantoren'. The message was Received fatal alert: handshake_failure.

We've tried messing around with various Advanced settings, to no avail. Are you able to scrape this page, and if so, what settings did you use to do so?

We found a fix. The security

We found a fix. The security libraries in the JVM are causing the issue. Apparently it has something to do with laws in some countries that won't allow really high encryption, so the JVM ships with libraries that limit the encryption level. You'll need to manually update the JVM libraries with the files found here.

There's a readme file in the zip explaining everything, but short version is put the files in the zip in /lib/security

I couldn't figure it out ...

I couldn't figure it out ... getting some other guys to look.