Clear unimportant extracted information

So sometimes I have to add an extractor whose values I don't care about. As you know when you do this and test the pattern (especially with large sections of code) this pattern, which you don't care about, gets over loaded. I found a solution for enterprise users, Mappings.

I create a mapping (I call it clear) and add a mapping:

From: .*
To: (empty string)
Type: Regular Expression

This does not remove the column from the DataSet view but it does clear its contents so that it doesn't overwhelm more important (cared about) extractor's values.

It would be nice if this could be achieved by a check box on the Advanced tab. It would be better if it could remove the column from the DataSet view entirely but even this would be a helpful feature.

Mapping are enterprise features, I believe, so it is not for everyone but it can be a helpful tip.

That's a great little hack,

That's a great little hack, Tyler. I've also added to the to-do list a feature that allows you to automatically remove such fields from data sets, as you describe.