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Hey guys.

I was thinking recently about sites that are really heavy on cookies, and it proves cumbersome to dance around with scripts to set the values. It's sometimes hard to keep my eye on everything when cookies aren't viewable from a tab on a ScrapeableFile, like the Parameters are enumerated.

Is it possible to get a revised cookie interface in 5.0? I really start to see a tab as a via interface as I've watched the Compare Proxy Transaction tool develop into having such a tab.

I realize this would probably require a different internal code approach to running scrapeable files, but I think its usability proves immensely more flexible than relying on extensive usage of before- and after-ScrapeableFile calls for the sake of session.setCookie(). Additionally, a tab dedicated to cookies would let screen-scraper automatically understand the implied base domain for the cookie's domain scope, instead of needing to hard code it into each cookie. For true flexibility, perhaps it could simply allow the "domain" part of the cookie definition to be blank by default, to imply "whatever the base domain calculates to" (given variables in the URL field). Then if the user needs to set a cookie for some other domain text (like subdomains, etc), they can change the blank "domain" field to explicit text.

Just an idea.


Hi Tim, This sounds like a

Hi Tim,

This sounds like a good idea. Depending on the implementation it could be fairly easy or a bit difficult. Just to clarify what you have in mind, it sounds like you're talking about a couple of different things:

- One would be a new tab or window that takes the cookies found under the "Last Request" tab, and breaks them out kind of like parameters so that you can easily see the keys and values.
- The second would be a new "session.setCookie" method that takes two parameters, one for the key and one for the value, omitting the domain. In this case screen-scraper would simply infer the domain by analyzing the resolved URL.

Does that sound correct? Any other details or clarifications?



Yep, that sounds exactly like

Yep, that sounds exactly like it'd do the job. With those features in place, it could allow for an excellently intuitive tab for setting those pesky cookies.