Usability enhancements for the professional version

I'm actually testing the professional version and I would like to leave feedback about usability.
I'm taking about this things (using software under Ubuntu 8.04):

1- Enhanced copy paste Scrapeable files, so I can select 10 items and make 10 copies of them.
Since I would like to work with sections of at least 20 items per category, after this 20 I have to scroll, rename cut and go up 20 times, when I could use a "copy selection" functionality. That will save me at least 10 seconds per scrapeable URL.

1b- It will be great as well to have a "Duplicate this item __ times" so you can just choose a scrapeable file and repeat it NN times, then it just renames it file1,file2, and so on. That will save some minutes.

1c-the same functionality will be great for scripts so we can duplicate fast and create scripts for different categories of an ecommerce in seconds

2-Sometimes my keyword gets frozen, often after an error Msg, and then I focus on a textarea but cannot write. When I close and restart screen-scraper I can write again.

I will find time to test it more this are so far the things I like to share.

Your are true

I have the same bug on Windows XP. My CPU goes to 100% when it append.
And, I need the copy/paste fonction to. I don't understand why a product that is now at version 4.5 miss this basic fonction!

Hm... I have noticed that the

Hm... I have noticed that the session's "notes" box will sometimes do that (Windows Vista). Does it happen in lots of text boxes, or in the notes box?

Copy/Paste for items in the tree at the left should be present-- right-click to view the options. Copy/Paste for extractor patterns is in the Enterprise edition, but I'm not sure about the Basic/Pro versions.


I use Screen-Scaper Basic Edition 4.5 in Windows XP SP3

  1. The bug append a lot when I edit "to fastly" tokens in the Extractor or Sub-Extractor Patterns Windonws.
  2. For the copy/Paste, I can: Deleate or Rename everything in the left tree, I can also Export Scrapping Session and Script. But I can't copy/paste anyting and to be able to do it with Scrapeable file is a must for me.

Keyboard Frozen


Thanks for your suggestions,

I also am using ubuntu (version 8.10) and I've recently started to notice my keyboard freezing. It's really bothersome to me too. I have found that if I open the settings box inside screen-scraper and type in one of those fields and close the box I can regain control of my keyboard. This saves the time it takes to shut screen-scraper down and start it back up again. Hope that helps.