New cURL HTTP client

Screen-scraper has several HTTP clients you can select for cases where a site doesn't work well with one of them. Recently we've seen a few websites that don't cooperate with any of those HTTP clients. No matter the HTTP client selected, you get errors relating to "Unable to connect" or "connection closed" (exact error varies per client.) We've therefore added the ability to use cURL.

In screen-scraper version 7.0.13a in the scraping session > advanced tab, the HTTP Client has an option to use cURL. You do need to set it there, but to use it you need to have cURL on the computer. If on Linux or OSX you just need to install it. On Windows you can get the Windows cURL and put the EXE in the screen-scraper install directory.

cURL has been a lifesaver in some cases. It currently adds some extra connection information in the logs, but that's no concern. Definitely try it if other clients give you an issue.