void runnableScrapingSession.setDoLazyScrape ( boolean doLazyScrape ) (professional and enterprise editions only)


Indicate whether or not the scraping session should run concurrently with (at the same time as) other scraping sessions. The default for doLazyScrape is true.


  • doLazyScrape If lazy (concurrent) scraping should be used, as a boolean.

Return Values

Returns void.

Change Log

Version Description
4.5 Available for professional and enterprise editions.

We recommend not setting this value to false! When running scraping sessions in the workbench, it will cause the interface to freeze up until sessions have completed.

If you'd like to run multiple scraping sessions serially (one after another), the best option is to set the Maximum number of concurrent running scraping sessions to 1 in the settings window.


Turn off LazyScrape

 runnableScrapingSession = new com.screenscraper.scraper.RunnableScrapingSession( "My Session" );

 // Indicates that the runnable scraping session should not be run
 // in a separate thread.
 runnableScrapingSession.setDoLazyScrape( false );

 // Start the scrape