Compare Last Request and Proxy Transaction


This feature is only available to Professional and Enterprise editions of screen-scraper.

At times in developing a scraping session a particular scrapeable file may not be giving you the results you're expecting. Even if you generated it from a proxy session parameters or cookies may be different enough that the response from the server is very different than what you were anticipating, including even errors. Generally in cases like this the best approach is to compare the request produced by the scrapeable file in the running scraping session with the request produced by your browser in the proxy session. That is, ideally your scraping session mimics as closely as possible what your web browser does.

The Compare Last Request and Proxy Transaction window facilitates just such a comparison. I can be accessed in the last request tab of the scrapreable file. After clicking the Compare Last Request and Proxy Transaction button, you will be prompted to select the proxy transaction to which the request should be compared. Simply navigate to the proxy session that it is connected to and select the desired transaction and the window will open.

The screen has four tabs to aid in comparing transaction and request: URL, POST data, Cookies, and Headers. Parameters in any of these areas can be controlled using the scrapeableFile object and its methods.