How do I set up screen-scraper on Lunix/Unix/BSD?

Screen-scraper version 7.0 does not come with a bundled JRE, therefore you need to install Java Runtime Environment version 1.8 (version 1.7 will work, but is not recommended).

Download the installer from our download page.

For Linux, cd to the directory where you downloaded the installer. Give the current user execute permissions to the installer with:

  • chmod 700
  • Type: ./ from the shell.

Once installed, edit both the "server" and "screen-scraper" shell scripts found in screen-scraper's install folder. In both files edit "INSTALL4J_JAVA_HOME_OVERRIDE" parameter at the top, and give it the path to your JRE install location. From here you can launch screen-scraper as you normally do with the "server" and "screen-scraper" scripts.

The easiest way to install on a Unix-based operating system that isn't Linux, such as BSD, is to first install screen-scraper on a Linux machine. Once installed, you'll want to zip or tarball up the directory where it's installed, then copy it over to the target machine (running something like BSD). On the target machine, decompress the archive into the directory where you'd like screen-scraper to live. Once that's done, edit the "resource/conf/" file so that the "InstallDirectory" contains the path to the directory.